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2020 Business and Industry Salute


Honoring the


Commercial Real Estate Development Industry


February 13, 2020

Hilton Memphis

Carnival was founded in 1931 to promote the commerce of the Mid-South. Each year the Business & Industry Salute Luncheon salutes and recognizes civic leaders and businesses that help make the community a great place to live.

Each year Carnival salutes an individual who has made an enormous impact on the Mid-South thru not only their business success, but also their charitable and community endeavors.  The Cooke Halle Award is appropriately named for Carnival Memphis’ visionary founders, Everett R. Cook and A. Arthur Halle.

This year’s salute honors the Commercial Real Estate Development industry.

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Past Cook Halle Award Recipients


Year Name Industry
2019 John Simmons Home Furnishings & Decor Industry
2018 Oak Hall Fashion Industry
2017 Memphis Grizzlies Sports Industry
2016 James J. Keras, Jr. Automotive Industry
2015 Lewis R. Donelson III Legal Industry
2014 Steve Higginbotham Trucking Industry
Tommy Higginbotham
2013 Larry Bryan Investment Management Industry
2012 Stephen Lightman Movie Industry
Bobby Levy
Jimmy Tashie
2011 Dr. Ralph Hamilton Health Care
2010 John H. Dobbs, Sr. Private Equity and Venture Capital
2009 Dr. Scott Morris Non-Profit and Community Service
2008 Isaac Hayes and Davis Porter Music
2007 R.E. Linkous Construction
2006 O. Mason Hawkins Mid-South Industry
2005 James F. McGhee, Jr. Aviation
2004 John Pitts, Sr. Insurance
2003 Thomas Farnsworth, II Real Estate
2002 Allen Morgan, Jr. Financial Services
2001 B. Lee Mallory III Transportation & Distribution
2000 Kenneth B. Hood Agribusiness
1999 Kristi & Dean Jernigan Arts & Entertainment
1998 Rev. Colenzo Hubbard Non-Profits
1997 Norfleet Turner Communications Technology
1996 Pitt Hyde Retail
1995 Robert Wang Wholesalers
1994 Herbert Rhea Professional Services
(Legal, Accounting, Insurance)
1993 Jack Belz Real Estate
1992 Kemmons Wilson Tourism & Hospitality
1991 Robert Buckman Manufacturing
1990 Dick Trippeer Financial Services
1989 Jack Blair Health Services
1988 Fred Smith Transportation & Distribution
1987 William B. Dunavant Agribusiness

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