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Welcome to the official Carnival Memphis web site.  Here you can get a brief history of our organization, explore the benefits of membership, meet our current Royalty, purchase exclusive merchandise and have an opportunity to get involved in the Mid-South’s Party With a Purpose!”



3 days ago

Carnival Memphis

Memphi Fall Party in honor of 2019 Carnival President Thomas Hussey! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

4 days ago

Carnival Memphis

In honor of 2017 Queen Tayloe Lowrance’s Birthday week, we throwback two years to a great Carnival with the Lowrance, Dobbs and Cole families. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


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So gorgeous!!!!

You were wonderful, Queen Taylor! Love, Queen Donna of the Memphi!

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2 weeks ago

Carnival Memphis

#tbt – 1972 Carnival in honor of President Lester Gingold.

2 weeks ago

Carnival Memphis

Highlights in honor of 1972 President Lester Gingold.

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