The Secret Order of Boll Weevils was founded in 1966 as a secret society. The initial mission was to have mischievous fun with the Memphis Cotton Carnival elite, crash their parties, and make Memphis Cotton Carnival a little more colorful experience (much like real life boll weevils creating mayhem on cotton crops).
Over the years, this special group of men has evolved into a support group for what is known today as Carnival Memphis. Most importantly though, today‚Äôs Boll Weevil group is a community service group for the mid-south. Donned with green capes and masks, they travel throughout the city on a green bus and a 1941 green fire truck with anonymity. Led by their Evil Eminence, Todd Brown, they visit retirement homes, hospitals, the less fortunate, those with disabilities and many other facilities helping spread joy and financial support wherever they go…


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